Empowering businesses through streamlined processes, workflow automation, and GenAI

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By implementing workflow automation through no-code/low-code tools and integrating Generative AI (Gen AI), Atapio can assist your business in achieving significant productivity enhancements and cost reductions.

Our consulting services meticulously evaluate your current processes and align them with your strategic objectives. We specialize in n8n workflow automation, deploying it within a self-hosted environment on our trusted Platform as a Service partner, DigitalOcean. This approach ensures full control over privacy and budget while seamlessly integrating with various Software as a Service vendors (e.g., Shopify, HubSpot, Slack, Gmail, Quickbooks Online, etc.). We also use Metabase to create easy-to-use dashboards that visualize your data. To give you full control of your data, we employ NocoDB, which sits on top of a relational database, making it simple to access data as if it were a spreadsheet.

Our expertise extends to leveraging Gen AI where applicable, enabling you to analyze sentiments, summarize, translate, and generate new content.

Here is a sampling of the implementation services that we offer:

  1. Creating a consolidated sales and inventory dashboard by aggregating data from multiple sources (e.g., CPG distributors such as UNFI, KeHe, and Pod).
  2. Automating notifications to operation managers when inventory levels are low and obtaining approval to request distributor account teams for their inventory status via email templates.
  3. Establishing a repository of sales enablement content summaries (e.g., white papers, win reports, use cases) and implementing a recommendation process that matches sales opportunities with the relevant sales enablement content.

Atapio is committed to supporting small to medium-sized businesses seeking workflow automation and Gen AI integration to drive growth. We also extend our services to business operation teams within larger organizations who may require additional IT support for optimal performance.

Contact us at hello@atapio.com or call us at 669-209-3183