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At Atapio, we specialize in tailored consulting services that empower small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their goals by optimizing their data processes. We're dedicated to supporting companies looking to leverage workflow automation and GenAI for growth.

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing n8n workflow automation in a self-hosted environment on DigitalOcean, our trusted Platform as a Service (PaaS) partner . This allows us to seamlessly integrate your data with various SaaS vendors like Shopify, HubSpot, Slack, Gmail, Quickbooks Online, and more through pre-built or custom APIs. We also use Metabase to create easy-to-use dashboards that visualize your data. To give you full control of your data, we employ NocoDB, which sits on top of a relational database, making it simple to access data as if it were a spreadsheet.

But we don't stop there. We also utilize GenAI to help you analyze sentiments, summarize, translate, and create new text content. This technology can be self-hosted to enhance your workflow automation capabilities without compromising your intellectual property or budget.

Some of our implementation services include:

  • Creating a consolidated sales and inventory dashboard by pulling data from multiple sources, such as distributor reports, that shows the quantity sold at the various resellers/retailers.
  • Notifying operation managers when inventory levels are low and obtaining approval to send template-driven emails requesting distributor account teams' inventory status.
  • Developing a repository of sales enablement content summaries (e.g., white papers, win reports, use cases) and establishing a recommendation process to match sales opportunities with the appropriate sales enablement content.

To learn more about how we can help your business thrive, feel free to reach out at hello@atapio.com or call us at 669-209-3183.